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Samantha Taylor

Samantha lives in Brooklyn with a white dog in a green room. She was taught a long time ago never to let a chair be just a chair, and it stuck. Her red hair makes her both inconcealable and disarming. She can't drive a car but is quite good at feelings. Her poems have appeared in notebooks all over New York City and hope to one day travel to publication and find themselves.


Omer Liebovitz, Jenny Luczak

Early one morning, before the sun had come up, Omer walked the eight long blocks to Jenny's apartment. He threw rocks at her window, but Jenny was already awake and quickly came downstairs in a green dress. Without saying hello Omer asked Jenny to marry him. "My silly love," Jenny said, "We married months ago." "How so?" Omer asked. Jenny sat him down on the brownstone steps and said: "Our roots are both Metiteranian, our favoriate book is Deliverance, we both love buffalo wings and we both smoke cigarettes." Omer laughed at Jenny's dimples, and said, "That's not grounds for marriage." "Oh no?" Jenny replied. She lifted a Camel Wide from the soft pack, "Then why do you hold me when I cry? And how do I know the way you like your socks folded?" Omer flicked his lighter, "I guess you're right" he replied, "we are two of a kind."


Jane LeCroy

New York City based poet, singer, novelist, and artist, Jane Marie LeCroy (formerly Jane Hohenberger) is most often described as a philosopher; creating freedom by building word bridges between observation and understanding. Find her writing, recordings, music at janelecroy.com.


Spencer LaVallee

Spencer LaVallee served Lincoln as Secretary of the Navy. On the night of April 14, he was awakened with the news that Lincoln had been shot. Together with Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, he rushed to Ford's Theater. Clamoring up the stairs, Spencer asked a doctor he recognized about Lincoln's condition. The physician replied that the President might live another three hours. We pick up his story as he enters the room where Lincoln lay.


Paul Magnolia

Paul Magnolia is like The Secret Sharer, except he's not a short story by Joseph Conrad and he doesn't share secretly- he shares very publicly. Some would say that, if Joseph Conrad wrote a story about Paul Magnolia, it would be called The Over Sharer. Mr. Magnolia disagrees. He thinks that it would be called the Just-enough Sharer.


Minori Sanchiz Fung

Minori was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the U.S. in 1997. She was raised in North Carolina and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. In pursuit of: a creative life. minorisanchizfung.com


Kathleen Kyllo

Kathleen Kyllo is a poet and fiction writer from Wisconsin. She attended New School University and currently lives in Brooklyn. butshesaid.com


Waiting room field recordings were recorded by Nathan Punwar and Kathleen Kyllo in various locations.