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Christie Ann Reynolds

Christie Ann Reynolds is a native New Yorker and holds degrees from Hofstra University, Queens College and The New School. Her chapbook, idiot heart, was chosen in 2008 by Brenda Shaughnessy for The New School Chapbook Competition. She is the co-author of a chapbook, Girl Boy Girl Boy forthcoming with Correspondences and author of Revenge Poems, Supermachine's first chapbook. Christie Ann was the recipient of a 2003 undergraduate Academy of American Poetry Award. Some of her work has been published or is forthcoming in Blaze Vox, La Petite Zine, The Houston Literary Review, Pax Americana, Maggy, Sub-Lit, and others. She teaches writing at Hofstra University, for The Borough Writing Workshop and is co-curator of the Stain of Poetry Reading Series. You can reach her at careyno@gmail.com


Jane LeCroy

New York City based poet, singer, novelist, and artist, Jane Marie LeCroy (formerly Jane Hohenberger) is most often described as a philosopher; creating freedom by building word bridges between observation and understanding. Find her writing, recordings, music at janelecroy.com.


Minori Sanchiz Fung

Minori was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the U.S. in 1997. She was raised in North Carolina and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. In pursuit of: a creative life. minorisanchizfung.com


Rachel Ephraim

Rachel Ephraim is a fiction writer who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She runs writing workshops in Cobble Hill at FreeBird Books and Goods Bookstore. Check out www.FreeBirdWorkshops.com for more information.


Samantha Taylor

Samantha lives in Brooklyn with a white dog in a green room. She was taught a long time ago never to let a chair be just a chair, and it stuck. Her red hair makes her both inconcealable and disarming. She can't drive a car but it quite good at feelings. Her poems have appeared in notebooks all over New York City and hope to one day travel to publication and find themselves.


Alex Hampshire

"Shock," by Alex Hampshire
Recorded by Rich Bank at Silver Palace, USA.
Narrated by Alex Hampshire. Featuring Rick Weaver as Stacy's boyfriend, and T. Davis
Kelly Polman as the voice of Stacy.
Sounds by Rick Weaver & Alex Hampshire.

Alex Hampshire, b. 1985, lives in North Philadelphia. He writes, plays alto saxophone and operates a manual elevator at America's oldest auction house. Accomplishments are possible but may vary. "See you in the future," hopefully.


Idgy Dean

Meet Idgy Dean, the self-made garage-pop sing-song celebration. Hear her music: haunted rhythm-driven songs written, performed, recorded and produced somewhere in a basement or a bedroom entirely by the young Miss Lindsay Sanwald. Presently settled in the East Village of her beloved New York City, she is working on writing and recording a new home studio album, Heart & Lung (due in early 2011), and performing regularly. "Hank's Bee Sting" is the second song off the new album, published in conjunction with the Listen Party! launch.


Nathan Punwar

Nathan Punwar, former cub scout, future socialite, writes and makes films on occasion. His ongoing disagreement with producer, longtime-friend, and longtime-pool-nemesis Roland Bonaventure causes much of his work to be held up overseas in indefinite pre-and-post-production limbo. But as Roland would say, "It's his own damn fault." In the process, he makes quite a few messes. Some of these species have gathered in an online tidal pool, while some still run wild. He contributes to a secret society known as beautiful boring, but he is no mystery.


Kathleen Kyllo

Kathleen Kyllo is a poet and fiction writer from Wisconsin. She attended New School University and currently lives in Brooklyn. butshesaid.com


Ianna Owen

daughter of a painter and a magician. sister to three brothers. working on her PhD. born in Manhattan. raised in PA. lives in Oakland.

See her website here.

The title of this piece taken from a Sketches of Spain song by Miles Davis. It is my first really 'Californian' poem. Written under the big ceiling of a room in a red house i used to live in. Something about the idea of earthquakes and empty dresses. I made it all up.