An entire summer spent dreaming of rain. They hasn't expected change so suddenly

Before the moment of materialization // could not imagine it

Red wagon shining in the sun.
Perfect party on the veranda. Affirmation from a ghost. Nameless joy, unforeseen, growing in a cave beneath the chest. Not having gotten what so wanted.

No one could contest
They unanimously agreed:
Whatever it was,

it was a good thing.


As always, our issues are bound by a common thread, but we encourage loose interpretations that are as diverse and wide-ranging as the material we put out.

Listen Party welcomes any type of audio recording tied to the theme of each issue. Send us your recorded stories, poetry, songs, sounds, dialogues, monologues, rants, background noise, phone calls, voicemail, sound bites, collages, found sound, experimental works, correspondence, or any other items of interest that can be captured via sound waves.

We accept multiple submissions for the same theme.

We prefer mp3 files at the highest bit rate possible, but we'll pretty much take whatever sound file you've got, so long as we can find a way to play it. If accepted, we may ask you for a higher quality format, if you have it.

Please attach your audio file in an e-mail or send a streaming audio link to
submissions (at) listenparty (dot) com.

Send us something that you’re proud of, between 1 and 10 minutes in length, plus 150-300 words about your work, process, and/or your self.

If you do not have the means to record your work and live anywhere near the New York City area, we are happy to record you. If you’re elsewhere we are open to find you some help, if we can.